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Vibration measurements

With the method of vibration measurements we can establish dynamical state of the machines; such as turbine, generators, electric motors, pumps, ventilators, reductors and set the state of a single element in machine (slide and roll bearings, gears, imbalance detection, cavitations...). With such measurements we can forecast to which machine part\'s life is ending. In such way you can prevent unannounced loss in production. We can also look for the sources and reasons that cause increased vibrations on the machine if those are present. 
We can solve problems that are connected to resonance of the situated plants, transferring the environmental resonances, protection from bad vibrations influence- insulating, ground works.

The course of measurement:
- measurement of the vibrations is always set on the spot where the \"problem\" machine is set,
- measurement of the vibrations can be made only when the machines are working (we do not disturb the working process),
- the spot of the measurements is usually on the bearings\' housing (in the case that this is not possible, we decide where to set the measurements).


Types of measurements: 
- measurements of mechanical vibrations with one or two channelled instruments,
- measurements of vibrations with six channelled system for capturing data on two bearings, in all three directions of measurement at the same time : Dewerton - DEWE Port 2000 - orbital analysis of the state of the cylinder in paper mills,
- measurements of vibrations and capturing data for analysing the state of bigger turbo agents - six channelled system Dawesoft 6.5, which can be available on the system Bently-Nevada installed as permanent system on all the bearings of the turbo aggregate.

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