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Vision and Mission

Our vision is to stay the leading Slovenian company at the field of vibration measurements, analysis and balancing and by introducing new services on the field of technical diagnostics, we aim to become a recognisable and leading provider for such services in Slovenia and recognisable provider of services for maintaining engineering in industry, energetic and mining. 
The company has already established a recognisable reputation with its clients, but is still working on the improvement, so that the clients recognise a solid and quality partner who builds its business on professionalism, quality and highest legal and ethical standards. 

We also want to emphasize our constant improvement of the services, enlarged care for the environment and assure healthy and safe working environment along with professional and personal development of all the employees. 
The company's business and also its name represent commitment to the customers, co-workers, partners and the company as a whole. In a period ahead of us we want to cherish the basic values of our company: 


We appreciate our good name: 
- we do our business according to highest legal and ethical standards,
- we work as a socially responsible company and we endeavour to keep our company's name as a synonym for excellence. 


We appreciate our customers: 
- we quickly respond to customer's needs and expectations,
- quality of our products and services assures top value to our customers.


We appreciate our co-workers:
- we treat our co-workers and their opinion with respect and dignity, we reward their initiatives and accomplishments,
- we encourage personal development of our co-workers and with that we assure constant source of competitive advantages of the company, 
- we assure good working conditions that provide safe and healthy working environment to all our co-workers.


We appreciate our partners: 
- we act as a business leading company.

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