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Our company

Our company has been executing the operating-dynamic analysis of the machines and single machinery elements since 1989. Our work is based on measurement methods and analysis of mechanical vibrations with which we can determine the state of bearings and gears. We can determine and remove known imbalance of the rotor (electric motor, ventilator, turbine, pump...). We can determine and remove non-centric position of the clutch on the turbine, generators, electric motors, reductors, ventilators, pumps...

There are eight highly qualified engineers (including the ones with Bachelors Degree) employed in our company. We use top equipment for error determination and removal. 


For executing the measurements of the vibrations we use: 
- portable FFT analyser Bruel&Kjaer 2515f with envelope detector,
- FFT analyser Pruftechnik AG - VIBROCORD,
- FFT analyser Pruftechnik AG - VIBEXPERT,
- portable computer DEWE Port 2000 (16 channel computer system for capturing and analyzing data - DYNAMIC CONDITION MONITORING which is mostly used for analyzing the state of big turbo agents (steam, water turbine; allows time analysis- start, stop, frequency and orbital analysis of the rotor movement in sliding bearing...).


For executing the rotor balancing we use: 
- Portable Balancing Set PBS 380 (set balancing),
- CEMB N 402 (set balancing),
- CEMB z 1000 (stabile balancing machine with geometrical and mass limitations - mass from 5 to 1500kg, diameter up to 1500mm, length up to 7000mm).


For laser truing up of clutches, cardans and belts we use: 
- Pruftechnik AG - OPTALIGN,
- Pullalign Pruftehnik-pullalign.


For permanent control of vibrations serves: 
- two channelled system for control of vibrations KALMER MV 05 A.


Measurements with thermovision camera: 
- portable camera FLUKE TI 45.


Measuring other technological parameters: 
- temperature (Raytek Raynger ST),
- optical and contact meter for measuring number of revolutions (SKF Tachometer TMOT6),
- level of vibrations and battering impulses (SKF VibPen - SEEPen),
- simple meter of vibrations VM 15,
We also have all the software for measurements result analysis. 


Videoscop Everest XLG 3 allows us to survey the interior with the camera which is set at the end of the 6m long cable. The camera has got its own source of light so we have the best capture of surveyed parts of the machine. Videoscop is composed of before mentioned camera which has got a diameter of 6,1mm and optical connector which allows front view from 5 to 120mm. Upgrade is a connector which allows side view up to 120mm at length between 4 and 100mm. The system alone allows us so-called SHADOW measurement which allows us to compare measurements of two parameters. The system can operate at the temperature between 20 and 46 degrees Celsius. The temperature area of operating is up to 80 degrees Celsius and maximum humidity 95%.

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