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The company Kalmer, d. o. o., was established in November 1989. The business started at the beginning of 1990. The basic activity of the company is so-called maintenance engineering or forecasting the operating state of the machine with the measurement and analysis of mechanical vibrations method. This method is practically useful in all industrial branches (energetic, paper mills, ironworks, engineering, chemical industry, wood processing... etc.). At first I was self employed. Our first business plan stated that in five years time, the company should reach a market share, which we could be controlled by five people- exclusively engineers. For known reasons, which consequently happened after the ex-Yugoslavia's disintegration, we have lost the major part of primarily outlined market. The company's growth was slowed down. Despite all of that, our aims have "almost" been reached or we could also say - surpassed. Today we regularly employ eight people (Bachelors Degree for Engineering). We have spread out our activity on balancing the rotors and also the stabile balancing machine (up to 1500kg), laser truing up of the drives, thermographical and videoscopic measurements.

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